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v1.0 Release of Piwik OpenCart Ecommerce VQmod

Version 1.0 of my Piwik OpenCart Ecommerce VQmod has just been released. This fixes some bugs, adds the piwik search tracking feature (including counting the number of hits and giving a valuable report on the hits with zero results) and lots of other good stuff. Enjoy!

This is now available to download. Remember to check out the mods github page.

v1.0 - 2014/02/17
First version to be listed on extension store (jump to v1.0).
Order tracking now called from success page (fixes issue with order attributed to payment processor).
Global enable/disable setting on admin page now implemented.
New search tracking feature!
Added checks; avoids some common admin settings errors and improves uninstall.
Other minor changes (see github for full commit list).

I will be listing this version of the mod on the extension store in the coming days :) As always please let me know your feedback!

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  1. If Piwik is installed on a different server than OC. Where do you put PiwikTracker.php in this case?

    • The easiest is to put it in the default folder its extracted to on the OC server – by default this is piwik\PiwikTracker.php however if you dont want to create a Piwik folder especially for this you can put it anywhere (e.g. the OC root) aslong as the path entered in the admin settings is correct.

  2. I noticed in the piwik.xml that the version is still showing 0.4 when you download the

  3. Now I see v0.4, isn’t reporting right after the Piwik update to 2.1.0

    • Details please! I presume you mean the release of v1.0 with the mistake as you pointed out with piwik.xml still saying v0.4 ?

      What isn’t reporting right, everything or just ecommerce?
      error messages in OC or Piwik?
      Does the visitor log display anything?


      • Hi Kevin,
        I upgraded v0.3 to v0.4 and noticed the reporting in Piwik2.1.0 stopped on all aspects. OC v1.5.1.3 still shows correct. So I saw you had a v1.0 and I upgraded to it and the same results. It doesn’t pull the stats as it did in v0.3. As a matter of fact in doing a Date Rage report on Ecommerce, the number it once showed on v0.3 are no longer the matching the number of sales, products, etc…
        OC shows 21 items sold in 7 days while Piwik shows 4 in the same date range.
        I rolled back to v0.4 after v1.0 didn’t do anything differently on Piwik v2.1.0 and finally rolled back to v0.3 and still reports the wrong info. I think it’s related to the Piwik upgrade to v2.1.0


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