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Matomo eCommerce Analytics PRO for Opencart


This is the new version of our popular extension, updated to support the latest v3.x versions of Opencart & Matomo, together with lots of improvements! It ties together:

Matomo - - a highly successful open source web analytics platform. A serious alternative to google analytics and one which I swear by!

OpenCart - - A popular and powerful choice for open source shopping cart software, and my personal favourite.

This is the most complete Opencart Matomo Extension available and is listed on the official Matomo website as the recommended extension for use with Opencart.

Note: This new version is no longer compatible with Opencart v2.x , and has moved to a paid model to allow us to provide support and maintenance. You can still find the original OC2 version for Piwik  available here.


Powerful eCommerce Analytics

What does it do? Why, it implements Matomo eCommerce Tracking for Opencart of course (similar to Google Analytics but far better!). This requires you to have an installation of Matomo (FREE software), or to subscribe to the paid Matomo Cloud.

This allows rich tracking of metrics such as page views, visitors, entry/exit points, keywords, ecommerce orders, products, sales leads, conversion rates etc - to allow you to get insights into your business & customers, and grow sales & visits.

A must-have for any eCommerce store!


Where can I get it?!

The extension can be bought from the Opencart Marketplace, either from the Opencart Website, or inside your Opencart Store Admin under Extensions > Marketplace.


Easy Install & Setup

Fully OCMOD'ed for simple native install on Opencart v3.x - just upload the zip and click install!

Then use the integrated Opencart Admin Extension page for easily modifying the extension settings:


Live Demo

Use the user 'demo' and password 'demouser' to log in to the OC admin & matomo:
Our Demo Matomo
Our Demo OC3 Store (Admin Back End)
Our Demo OC3 Store (Front End)
See the settings page for the mod at Extensions > Extensions > Analytics and clicking 'edit'.
See the dashboard at the Opencart Admin homepage (once logged in to Matomo).

Or, to see what the analytics will look like populated with data (though official demo missing some features which this extension has such as Product & Category views);
Official Matomo Demo


Feature - Opencart Dashboard Widget

Get all these analytics features direct on your admin panel - adds a 'Dashboard' widget to view your Matomo Analytics data right from your Store admin page.


Feature - eCommerce Orders

Full details of all eCommerce Sales, including products, quantities, SKUs, sub-total, tax & shipping amounts.

Track growth over time, with insights into how your products are performing. Drill down into average order values, conversion rates, and other statistics.



Feature - Abandoned Carts

Tracks eCommerce cart operations such as add/update/delete to allow you to monitor abandoned carts.

Find out when customers are leaving your store, with what products, and how much revenue left in their carts. Track down your lost revenue and target those potential sales.


Feature - eCommerce Product & Category views

Tracks eCommerce product views & category views, to allow you to see visits & conversion rates against product names, SKUs and categories.


Feature - Site Search

Tracks Site Searches (including # of results, and search category). See what keywords your customers are searching for, and how many results they get. Get reports on which keywords are not finding results and which cause exits.


Other Features

    Works with ANY regular theme following Opencart conventions
    Option to use Matomo Proxy script to obfuscate the URL in the javascript code.
    ...Multi-store support coming soon!



Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Extension support Opencart Multi-Store?

No, not yet. However this is top of our priority list and we are planning to support this in our next release. Please do get in touch if this is a priority for you so we can get some feedback on our users interest in this feature.

Why has this Extension moved to a paid model?

The previous extension for Opencart v2.x was released for free, and is still available here. However we found that we weren't able to provide the support and updates that were needed as it was only done in spare time. Many users suggested moving to a paid model, and so this is what we have now done for the newest Opencart 3 Extension. This fee pays for our support time and will allow us to make this extension the best it can be.

My Opencart Dashboard for Matomo eCommerce Analytics PRO is blank, what should I do?

Please open your Matomo site in its own browser window and log-in. Once this has been done, refresh your Opencart Admin page and the dashboard widget will be able to display.



Please read the FAQs above thoroughly, and the readme.txt file included with your download and you will likely be able to find your answer there. If not then please get in touch and we will help you out.


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