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v2.0 Release of Piwik OpenCart Ecommerce VQmod

Version 2.0 of my Piwik OpenCart Ecommerce VQmod has just been released. I've tested compatibility with the latest OpenCart

Credit goes to Jozef Popiel ( as he wrote most of the code changes for this release.


This is now available to download. Remember to check out the mods github page.

Provide compatibility for OC2.x , no longer supports OC1.x (jump to v2.0)
Update piwik proxy & piwiktracker file to latest

Note: This release and future main releases will be for OpenCart 2.x and will not work with OC1.x - however v1.1 of this mod is still available which supports OC - future releases on the v1.x numbering will be done for any critical changes needed to maintain OC1.x compatibility.

As with the previous releases, the mod is now up on the extension store.

As always please let me know your feedback!

If you do use this mod please consider donating. Thanks!



OC 2.x compatibility on its way – Piwik OpenCart Ecommerce Mod

EDIT: v2.0 of the mod for OC2.0 has been released.

OC 2.x support is on its way!

OpenCart was released on October 1, 2014 and made several changes to the way OpenCart and mods interact. This means mods for OC 2.x and those for the earlier OC 1.5.x aren't compatible. Shortly we will be releasing a new version of the mod which is compatible with the latest OC 2.x release - don't worry though, we'll keep offering the 1.5.x version of the mod for those that want it!

This is thanks to a brilliant contribution by Opensource Experts / Jozef Popiel who has coded and tested the modifications necessary for OC 2.x - his code is pending my merge into this mod & final testing before I release a new version. There's no timescale yet, but it should be shortly. If you can't wait and want to try it out before the finishing touches are done, you can see the code at

I'll post again once the next version is released. Happy new year all :)